Commercial Painting

New Construction

Once drywall and taping are completed, Laser Cut Painting Ltd can jump right in! This usually includes prime plus 2 coats of paint that we can help you in choosing, if needed. Walls, ceilings and millworks are all part of New Construction services that we offer at Laser Cut Painting Ltd.


Add new life to your business or office space by having us come in and do a repaint for you! With our experienced team of painters, we can assess what needs to be touched up or fixed and have a completed job finished for you in no time. With little disruption to your business, you can feel confident Laser Cut Painting Ltd is the right choice for you.


Millwork Finishings

Millwork Finishing is all in the details. From window frames, door frames, baseboards and hand rails, these finished items bring harmony to your working space. Whether you need to repaint, new paint or a customized stain, we’ve got you covered.

Wall Coverings

Wall coverings can range from Vinyl, Wallpaper, Decals and Graphs. These washable, long-lasting, durable materials allow you to customize for your business needs. Hotels, Government Offices, Restaurants, and Medical Offices make a specialized wall covering an excellent option.

Graphic Film

Graphic film is a great option for adding special effects, interior or exterior design, short-term promotional graphics and even privacy when used in offices or places like parkades. They offer a world of design opportunities for areas like Banks, Hospitals, Restaurants, Retail, Hotels, Schools and Medical Offices.

Line Marking

Laser Cut Painting Ltd can assist with all of your Line Marking needs. From required safety markings on interior floors to indicating parking guidelines for your business, we can do it all. Additional areas we can assist include Restaurants, Apartment and Business Parkades, Loading Docks, Sports Arenas, Factories, Swimming Pools and Storage Facilities.


Epoxy finishes will require very little cleaning and last a very long time. By texturizing it, Epoxy becomes ideal for areas like Commercial Washrooms, Commercial Kitchen areas, Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Stairwells, and Parkades.

Concrete Sealer

Finished Concrete can receive a new makeover by applying a Concrete Sealer. This can protect concrete from surface damage, corrosion and staining. It provides a light sheen and a smooth finish. Excellent for places like Stairwells, Finished Concrete Floors and Concrete Columns.

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