Our Guarantee to You

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When we quote you an estimate, we believe we should back that estimate. That means if additional materials are needed to complete the work, we pay for them. Why should you be responsible for an error on our end? We guarantee that your floors will be cleaner then when we arrived. That means no materials or paint spilled.

All employees of Laser Cut Painting Ltd have criminal records checks in place and are bondable. We take the fact that you are inviting us into your home very seriously and want you to feel confident in your decision to hire us.

Our Warranty
At Laser Cut Painting Ltd, we provide our clients a 2 year warranty as a guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with our work. If you are not completely satisfied, we want the opportunity to make it right and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

This warranty is valid for 2 years (twenty four months) from the date of contract signing. Laser Cut Painting Ltd warrants against peeling and/or blistering paint related to our workmanship.

The warranty excludes:

  • General wear and true
  • Abrasive or harsh cleansing agents and pressure washing
  • Building settlement
  • Internal water damage (i.e. leaking pipes or the like)
  • Damages caused by abuse or accident
  • Damages or defects caused by fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, misuse, alterations, vandalism, graffiti, negligence or any other similar causes beyond the control of Laser Cut Painting Ltd

Please be advised, our warranty is only applicable if the preparation and paint is provided by Laser Cut Painting Ltd and this warranty is not transferable.

Laser Cut Painting Ltd will perform repairs only for the original customer and will only repair areas where peeling and blistering have occurred. Laser Cut Painting Ltd will not exceed repairs mentioned on the original estimate/contract.

Areas not warranted:

  • Cracks in the plaster and/or drywall
  • Galvanized metal
  • Moisture damage, rust, etc.
  • Interior varnished surfaces
  • Peeling of previous paint layers from a previous job

The warranty does not include:

  • Cracks or tape tears due to a shift in the building
  • Matching of the paint (The paint can be matched closely, but rarely to perfection)
  • Rotten wood, rusted or disintegrating metals
  • Decks, stairs, railings, and horizontal surfaces where water regularly pools
  • Mildew (Caused by moisture accumulation)

We are a licensed business with the City of Calgary and all paper work is up to date.

We are WCB insured and have $2 Million Liability to protect us, and our clients.

Our Crew
Shoes will be removed unless the job requires us to wear them for safety reasons (ex replacing flooring) and then shoe covers will be used. Washrooms will be left extremely clean if used and any areas of the home we are working, will be left clean and tidy. No alcohol or drugs are permitted at any time and will be a cause for dismissal. No smoking on your premises out of respect for you and your family.

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