Residential Painting

Residential Interior Painting

At Laser Cut Painting, our customers come first and we want the painting process to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible for you. Our eco-friendly painting service uses zero VOC and low VOC paint to minimize the impact on the environment and your home, ensuring there are no harsh odors or fumes for you or your loved ones.

When beginning a new project, rather than providing a verbal quote or estimate, we create a free personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines our painting services and the total cost in a timely manner.

We’ll work with you to schedule a date for the painting job, finalize paint colors, and stay in touch throughout the project.

Our professional crew will do a walkthrough to assess the project before preparing your home for painting. Do you need holes or cracks fixed before hand? Wallpaper removed or walls washed? Windows caulked? We can help with it all. In our expert opinions, protecting your personal possessions is key in our minds. We cover the floor, furniture, and personal items with top quality Masking Film, which is self-adhering and leaves little cleanup and the least amount of dust or residue. Anything left behind, we make sure to clean thoroughly before we leave.


Interior Services We Provide:




Crown Molding

Ceiling Joists

Rails / Handrails


Wood Trims


Door Frames

Window Frames





Bay Windows


Walls / Landings

Specialty and Faux Finishes

Perhaps a solid colour isn’t up your alley. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking to add extra value or spruce up that one room in your home, our team of artists can custom design a beautiful room or wall that you will love. Glazing, marbleizing, decals or sponging are just a few of the ways our team can change and customize your living space.

Wood Finishes

From restaining your favourite kitchen table to giving your cabinets new life, we can help with all of your wood finishing needs. We understand that some things should not be replaced, but refreshed, as their value is priceless. That means we take the upmost care in protecting your belongings and will consult with you on the colour to make sure it meets your standards.

Residential Exterior Painting

Given Calgary’s climate, we have only a few months a year that exterior painting can be completed. That means we need the process to come about quickly and seamlessly.

Just the same as with our residential interior painting, we provide you a free personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines our exterior painting services and the total cost in a timely manner. We’ll work with you to schedule a date for the painting job, finalize paint colours, and stay in touch throughout the project.

Our estimators will do a thorough examination of the exterior of the home to gather a clear understanding of what areas you would like painted. Is it a repaint or brand new construction? What about trims, fascia or gutters?

Properly preparing the areas for a repaint by pressure washing, scraping and sanding, allows for a great seal and application of paint. The next step is priming and/or putty, depending on what is required. Depending on the job requirements, we use a high quality airless sprayer, cut and rolls, and brushing for detailed work.

Exterior Services We Provide:



Garage Doors

Flashing and Fascia


Fences and Decks



Hand Rails and Rails






Siding and Shingles



Window Trims


When deciding whether or not to epoxy your garage floor, keep in mind some of the amazing benefits. Cleaning becomes a breeze from things like spilled oil, the aesthetic appeal is great and you can colour customize to your liking. Concrete shifts and can settle, resulting in cracks and small divides, but by using this specialized coating you can essentially turn your garage floor to stone- no more cracks or shifting! By texturizing an outside patio epoxy, you can waterproof your patio and provide a non-slip surface in a customized colour of your choice. You will be the envy of all your neighbours!

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